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Commercial Operator


As part of TMI business units, Commercial Operator and SMC company are the essential keys for TMI future businesses.
TMI start being commercial operator and SMC business in year 2017 – presents.


Our scope of works, responsibiites and risks are as follows :

Cost Payable
By the SMC Management includes – Bridging payment in advance on behalf of charterer for voyage costs including port and canal dues, and agency expenses.

Commercial Agreement
Similar to the chartering department of a large shipping company.
Drafting Time Charter contract, COA or SPOT shipments, and negotiating freight rate on behalf of charterer.

Other Services
Chartering, scheduling, monitoring, bunkering, invoicing, vessel report, Bill of lading, cargo insurance & claims, and agencies.

Provide clear, transparent, and comprehensive information, at regular intervals. Timely update Market analyses for the major trading areas, as well as Freight and ship market forecast.

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