SMC & Commercial Operator

Starting in year 2018 - presents, TMI signed SMC & Commercial Operator agreement with several local Owners and Charterers carrying B30, FAME and CPO Products 


TMI operates and handle Owners vessels, in terms of Commercial Operator and Ship Management Controller (SMC); TMI prepared budgeting, nominating cargo for commercial department and handle all aspects on technical areas, included, docking, crewing, bunkering, vessel’s certification, etc., and to make sure the vessel runs smoothly, safely and effectively.

TMI also handle Charterers cargo by supervising and monitoring loading and discharging process by assigning operation teams on the field, sealed each owners tanks, pumps, engine and pipeline using TMI owned seal to make sure charterer’s cargo remain safe and to minimize the cargo loss tolerance.


TMI presenting monthly reports on vessel’s performance and cargo forecast to Owners and Charterers.

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